PinPointe FootLaser toenail fungus removal laser treatment in St. Louis, MO

PinPointe FootLaser Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

A new state of the art treatment for toenail fungus is now available in St. Louis, MO. The PinPointe FootLaser has patented new laser technology that can cure onychomycosis (nail fungus) with only one laser treatment. There are no known side effects. PinPointe foot laser fungus treatment of the toe is painless and safe. PinPointe FootLaser in St. Louis, exclusively at The Foot & Ankle Center.

New Laser Toe Fungus Treatment

PinPointe FootLaser - St. Louis, MO

The PinPointe Footlaser shines through your toenail to let your podiatrist destroy the pathogens embedded in and under the nail causing your toenail fungus infection (Onychomycosis). The gentle laser beam has no effect on healthy tissue. The foot laser treatment is painless, both during and after the procedure. Your podiatrist at the Foot & Ankle Center of St. Louis is specially trained and certified to provide laser treatment for toenail fungus with the PinPointe FootLaser.

PinPointe FootLaser treatment is now available in St. Louis, exclusively at The Foot and Ankle Center.

Foot Laser Treatment Results

Fungal infection before Pin Point Foot Laser treatment A fungal infection of the toenail is shown here before the podiatrist provided pinpoint foot laser treatment with the patented PinPointe FootLaser device.

Fungal infection after Pin Point Foot Laser treatment The same toe is shown here after laser treatment. The fungal infection of the nail is cured and the toenail fungus is gone, safely with no pain or discomfort.